Hey All!   It seems like things are getting more and more uncertain.  Food shortages and supply chain breakdowns, rumors of conflicts and CDC monkey e...View Details

Hey All!   It's been an interesting weekend with escaped Monkeys in Pennsylvania, a Mandate march in Washington DC, and possible start to food rationi...View Details

Hey All!   In this Episode I'm covering Empty Shelves Across the US, an Immune Support Protocol written by a retired nurse turned health coach Penny W...View Details

Hey Guys!   On the 14th, I did this live show and forgot to publish it!  OH NO!   Well, better late than never, I say.  In this episode I discussed In...View Details

Hello, from the office of Life and Things.   Topics Include:  1.  Dogs, Dog Rescues and Good News Dogs 2.  Other Good News 3.  RIP Bob Saget 4. News N...View Details

In this episode I briefly talk about a news report from Accuweather and a very interesting (at least I think it's interesting) FEMA Seminar that will ...View Details

In this episode is a book review on Og Mandino's A Better Way to Live, I go over my 2022 Vision Board and the recent findings of Phthalates in our foo...View Details

The past couple of weeks have been a bit rough for my family.  This episode I'll tell you what all transpired.  Then I go into a 2021 year in review a...View Details

Hey All! Today I mentioned some amazing stories (good news), what I've been working on, a book review "A Better Way to Live" and talking about busines...View Details

Hey All! Today I mentioned some amazing stories (good news), Health Benefits of Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar in your water, and what types of tasks h...View Details

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